Why Walking is Brilliant

Walking is the most natural form of exercise that most of us can do.

Old or young, athlete or couch potato, the benefits are numerous.

Why should we walk?

  • Getting out of the house and outside lifts the spirits and fills our lungs with fresh air.  You’ll feel better for having had a walk and you’ll never come back from it being sorry that you did.


  • Walking on uneven ground outside, instead of flat floors at home helps keep your ankle flexors loose.  Ankle flexors have to react quickly to prevent you falling over if you trip or stagger.  Later in life this may save you falling over.


  • Walking is an aerobic exercise and gets the blood flowing to all the vital organs giving your body a bit of a boost.


  • It can be a social thing chatting as you go with a friend or even a time to reflect and have a meeting with yourself to organise or sort stuff out on your mental to do list.


  • Because it is natural for us all to walk you should not suffer stiffness or soreness the following day – unless you were going up and down lots of hills.


  • The addition of using Nordic Walking poles after learning the technique will increase your workout by using the upper body muscles too.


If you want to learn Nordic Walking techniques, please get in contact on 01462 490141 to register your interest in our next class.


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