What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is where we use and manipulate energy to create an effect within your body that has a positive health benefit.

Energy exists in many forms around us.  Some forms are more physical and concrete than others.  Radioactive materials are an unstable physical-form of energy whilst diamond is a stable, relatively unchanging physical-form of energy.

Humans, like other plants and animals, are ‘semi-stable’.  Our bodies grow and change, and our bio-energy structure supports that. Our bio-energy structure is very reactive to external energies – it’s why sunny days energise us and why we can be so affected by seasonal changes.

When something is wrong with our body, through illness, damage or old age, work on the bio-energy structure can help to speed up healing and strengthen our physical structures. This could be as:

  • Support work – Sometimes the primary focus of treatment needs to be on the body, with Energy Healing supporting that work. This would be the case with injuries and illness.
  • Primary treatment – Other times, often as we get older, Energy Healing should be the main focus, with physical treatment supporting.

What happens in a Energy Healing appointment?

During an Energy Healing session, the Therapist will first discuss your issue(s) before performing an “energetic scan” of either the problem area or the whole body or both.  The Therapist will scan using their hand at varying distances away from your body in order to identify where problems lie and what level of energetic working is required.

The Therapist will work with energy pathways within and around your body to help support your recovery or aid the issue you had, depending on what that was.

As a patient, you will generally be asked to lie back and rest. Energy work is usually a ‘hands-off’ therapy, with the Therapist standing or sitting next to you. Occasionally, there may need to be some physical manipulation and so the Therapist may need you to move, stretch or push back as they work on you.

Different treatments to complement Energy Healing may be recommended for you.  This may be acupuncture, herbal remedies or diet changes to aid your healing or speed up recovery.

What will you experience?

We all have different sensitivities to energy. Some people may experience sensations or see colours from their first session, whilst others feel nothing at all. But feeling nothing doesn’t mean that the Energy Healing isn’t working, simply that your sensitivity to energy hasn’t developed yet. After a few sessions you may start to develop an awareness of the changes that are happening.

Nothing in this website should be taken as a claim to treat any specific condition.