What is Corrective Exercise?

A Corrective Exercise Specialist is an expert in human movement assessment. They accurately analyse a client’s movement patterns, identify overactive and underactive muscle groups and their compensations then prescribe suitable exercises to alter these harmful patterns.

Corrective exercise bridges the gap between training and rehab. Your posture and movement patterns will be checked for imbalances and once these have been identified, you will receive an individual exercise program to help you improve your alignment and strength.

This makes it an ideal treatment for anyone who is experiencing pain and discomfort from previous injury, postural difficulties, pregnancy related issues, postpartum recovery or even stagnation in training (sometimes referred to as plateauing).

Corrective Exercise Specialists:

  • Inhibit tension in areas identified as being overactive or shortened
  • Lengthen short muscles with stretching techniques
  • Activate muscles identified as underactive or weak
  • Integrate strength techniques to solidify and coordinate changes made

Your first session will take one hour in the clinic and then your personal exercise program will be sent to you within 2 days. Your specialist will explain the frequency and duration of the exercises for you to work on until the next session.

A second session is recommended two to three weeks later for a reassessment and program revision. To get the best out of the program at least three sessions are suggested; so long as exercises are being completed regularly.

Corrective Exercise does not replace medical care. If you have a query as to whether Corrective Exercise might be able to help, please contact us directly. 

Nothing in this website should be taken as a claim to treat any specific condition.