Tim Moynihan


Registered Osteopath

My name is Tim Moynihan and I have been an Osteopath in the local area in and around Ashwell, Baldock and Melbourn for 26 years. In Ashwell, my home village, people will say “I’ve hurt my ….”, “I need to go and see Tim”. In fact it is almost a local expression; anyone in pain generally comes to see me whatever the cause: work related, gardening, a fall, a car accident or sports injury – cricket, cycling, golf, skiing, tennis.

The list of conditions I have treated over the years is a long one and the reasons for them occurring, is also long too. It’s what makes my job interesting, challenging and highly rewarding and why I have been practising Osteopathy for so long.

Amber Health began in 2011 and evolved through my desire to offer my patients a whole body care service. I needed to have other complementary health care therapists on hand to quickly refer my patients to when I could see that some input from a Podiatrist, Acupuncturist, Sports Therapist or some other therapy could help my patients recovery.


2 Minutes With Tim

Why did you become an Osteopath?

Because I wanted to do something related to the health profession and sports in combination.

What makes your job worthwhile?

Seeing people overcome pain, disability and their anxiety that is associated with the pain.

What is unique about how you work?

Partly the empathy I show and have with patients but also my sense of touch which is very diagnostic as well as healing.

Who has influenced you most in your career as an Osteopath?

My Father and Grandfather who were GP’s and also my colleague, lecturer and friend Jason Pinny.

What’s the piece of advice do you give to your patients/clients most often?

Keep moving, try to relax and drink plenty of water.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?

A variety of sports including rugby, cricket, squash, tennis, golf and skiing, socialising and spending time with my family. I also love the great outdoors.