Lisa Sheridan

Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy qualification from St. Austell College in Cornwall

I am Lisa, and I am a Sports Massage Therapist. 

I treat clients of all ages to assist in their sports maintenance therapy. I see patients for massage to reduce the likelihood of injury, while others come to me to simply to get help for their overall physical and mental wellbeing.

The techniques I use during treatment depend on patient requirements and include Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release. Sports Massage works on the nervous, circulatory, muscle and joint systems of the body. By releasing tight tissues, body mechanics function more efficiently, blood delivers nutrients more effectively and waste removal occurs more freely, resulting in body-wide health improvements, including digestive, hormonal, respiratory and excretory functions.

I look forward to helping you soon.

2 Minutes With Lisa

Why did you become a Sports Massage therapist and what makes your job worthwhile?

After qualifying as a Personal Trainer, I wanted to become a Sports Massage Therapist to help my clients maintain their muscle function and to prevent injury recurrence. I have always been interested in sports, from playing netball to competing in Amateur CrossFit Competitions.

I love being a personal trainer but dislike it when niggles and recurring injuries stop peoples progress. I have become increasingly fascinated by how complex our bodies are and what makes us all so different. I wanted to be able to help by increasing mobility and strength through strength training and massage. 

What is unique about how you work?

I consider myself to be an easy person to talk to and make patients feel at ease within a clinic environment so they get the best out of their session by being totally relaxed. The wide variety of massage techniques I use help to get good and lasting results.

Who has influenced you most in your career as an Osteopath?

No single person has influenced me as I have been fortunate to have been inspired by people that I met during my time living in Cornwall as well trainers, coaches and my tutor, Sam King, at St. Austell College. They have all influenced my career, knowledge and passion for anatomy and physiology.