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A Cat, stretching

Why stretching is important for health

“I don’t need to stretch, I’m not doing exercise.”

Even if you are not planning on performing aerobic activity, it’s really good for our bodies to stretch every day.

Stretching helps to keep our muscles flexible, strong and healthy.

When our muscles are flexible, we have a better range of motion in our joints.

When we don’t stretch, our muscles can shorten and become tight. Then, when we call on our muscles to work, they are more less able to help, putting us at risk for joint pain and muscle damage.

Nordic Walking Classes – June 2019 Dates

Come and join our Nordic Walking Classes in June.Nordic Walking Poster

We’ve got 2 sets of classes lined up:

  • Weds at 10am (starting on the 5th June)
  • Friday at 11am (starting on the 7th June)

During your 4 week course, you’ll learn how to use the poles (which we provide) and practice the technique during short walks around the Ashwell area.

The course is run by our qualified British Nordic Walking Instructor. Classes cost £48 for the entire course and can be booked by calling our office on 01462 490141.