Low Carb Living and Your Metabolism


 Gwen Warren, our nutritionist, enlightened everyone about Low Carb Living and Metabolism recently at

Letchworth Rugby Club, Legends Lane, Baldock Road, Letchworth,

SG6 2EN on 7.30pm on Monday the 7th of November



This was a **FREE** event that covered:




* Understanding what REALLY improves your metabolic rate & how to measure your Metabolism ACCURATELY

* What “Low Carb” REALLY means

* How to find out if a Low Carb High Fat diet is right for YOU (it’s not for everyone)

* How excess carbohydrates REALLY impact on your health and weight

* What does a Low Carb plan look like?




Gwen has joined Amber Health to add yet another discipline to our complementary health clinic in Baldock and with a reputation for delivering real and long term change Gwen works with individuals and groups who want to address their health concerns or achieve and maintain a healthy weight.


Call us on 01462 490141 if you would like to book a session with Gwen


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