How to Stay Fit and Healthy on Holiday

two deck chairs on beachWith the holiday season well and truly upon us, we wanted to give our advice on how best to keep yourself in tip top condition when you’re away.


Organising your trip

You may not realise, but you are more likely to get ill or injured if you are stressed. Organising a trip and trying to keep everyone happy is more stressful than you may imagine so try and keep a cool head and do little bits at a time.

If you’re a Pinterest fanatic like me, then it’s well worth a delve to get some organisational pointers. Checklists can be downloaded and tips used to make sure that every member of the family has everything they need for every single day and eventuality without you feeling overwhelmed.

man wearing a rucksack going down an escalatorPacking

Now that you’ve gotten everything together, it’s time to pack. Avoid the temptation to take the kitchen sink if you can and make sure that you have a good quality suitcase on wheels so you’re carrying it for as least time as possible.

If you’re taking a day bag, always go for a rucksack so that it spreads the load across your shoulders. You can get ones that give additional lumbar support as well.


However you get to your destination, chances are that you’ll be sitting in one position for a long time. If you can, get up at least once every 30 minutes to move around and stretch. It’ll help relieve pressure and improve circulation.

If you’re able to, consider booking an aisle seat so that getting up is easier. They have the benefit of allowing you extra leg room if you’re particularly tall as well. On that subject, if you are tall, it’s worth contacting your travel company and explaining your situation – they may well book you a seat with additional leg room – every inch counts!

Train, plane and coach seats are not known for their comfort, let alone lumbar support. With that in mind, bring your own. If you don’t happen to own a lumbar support pillow, a towel or even a t-shirt can be pressed into action. Roll them up and place them in the small of your back. They should be just thick enough to fill the gap without pushing you forward.


Now that you’re on holiday it’s time to relax, but you’ve got to move your case now and the kids are getting increasingly fractious. I can see you now, trying to climb onto the carousel in order to grab your case. Slow down… try to get in front of the case so that you can get to the handles before it passes you. Lift from the legs and turn around only after you have completed the lift. If you need to let the bag go around the carousel again that’s ok. It’s better than you damaging your back on the first day. Get more tips on lifting safely.


You’ll work out soon enough if the hotel mattress and pillow are going to suit you. Some hotels give you a range of pillows so you can try and match what works for you at home. If you find though that the pillow is too low, fold a towel and put it underneath to raise the height.

If you feel your mattress is too hard, see if there is a spare duvet to put under it. And for a mattress that’s too soft, you might want to put it on the floor.


It’s tempting to spend the day on the sunbed but that might not be the best plan. Lying on your front to catch a tan on your back could end up compressing your spine joints so get up and get active! But not too active if you’re not used to it, and remember to stretch!

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Have a great summer!


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