Louise Chatland


My name is Louise Chatland, and I am currently practising as a Massage Therapist offering both soft and deep tissue massage sessions.

I have been passionate about pursuing a career in osteopathy since attending work experience at Amber Health in 2012.  I am currently in my fourth year studying Osteopathy at The British College of Osteopathic Medicine, and will graduate in July 2018 with a masters in Osteopathic Medicine and diplomas in both Naturopathy and Osteopathy.

My Osteopathic and Naturopathic background enables me to take a holistic approach to treatment, treating the body as whole, assisting the body to heal itself.

2 Minutes With Louise

What makes your job worthwhile?

The satisfaction of helping patients to feel better and improving their health.

What is unique about how you work?

I take a holistic approach to my treatment, adapting treatments for each patient.

Who has influenced you most in your career as a Sports Therapist?

Tim Moynihan introduced me to Osteopathy after a talk he did at my school – Knights Templar in Baldock.  I was also inspired by the effects of osteopathic treatment that I experienced myself. Additionally, my treatment approach has been influenced by many of my university tutors, who have demonstrated a variety of approaches to Osteopathy.

What’s the piece of advice you give to your patients/clients most often?

Keep moving within your pain free limits, to aid tissue repair.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?

I enjoy cooking, reading, going to the gym, and socialising.