Joe Brigham


Sports Massage Therapist

Personal Trainer

Strength and Conditioning Coach

PN-1 Nutrition Coach

In 7 years and counting as a fitness professional while working with everyone from those new to fitness to elite athletes I have found there is a unifying truth that applies to everyone – you must look after your body.

The pursuit of fitness goals from just trying to improve ones health to peak-athletic conditioning can cause the body to pick up injuries from overuse, poor mechanics, or knocks on the field of play. As a coach I have always tried to get my clients where they want to go and that is the fundamental reason I became a Sports Massage therapist too – to help my clients to keep striding down the path of progress pain-free and in great condition. 

Soft tissue therapy in the form of massage and the right mobility work can not only keep you injury free but also ease the issues associated with older injury issues too, not to mention give some time in our modern hectic schedules to ourselves to relax and be looked after. Regular maintenance is essential for the smooth movement of any machine – this includes the human body.

In my scope of practice as a Sports Massage therapist and movement specialist I can provide you with:

  • Full Postural Assessment.
  • Mobility assessment.
  • Movement Assessment and analysis.
  • Deep tissue massage, trigger point work, manipulation of soft tissues and sliding surfaces.
  • Partner assisted stretching.
  • Lessons in using tools such as foam rollers, lacrosse balls, and Voodoo bands.
  • Home work to take away with you to help maintain your body in good condition.
  • Recovery, Lifestyle, and Nutrition advise.

2 Minutes With Joe

Why did you become a Sports Therapist?

As a fitness professional and athlete I have not only seen but experienced the wear and tear that can happen to the human body when you are moving in the direction of your potential and stretching your limits. As such I wanted to be able to understand the process of healing, recovery, and maintenance better and be able to keep those I train (as well as myself) progressing and pain free.

What makes your job worthwhile?

As a sports massage therapist it is bringing relief, relaxation, and helping reset a persons body to allow them to do the things they want and need to do. Consequently the feeling of seeing someone leave in a better state than they arrived is very satisfying.

What is unique about how you work?

Whether in Massage or coaching I always try to deliver 4 E’s in my work:

Empathy (relating to your client is very important), Evidence-based practices (having the right knowledge and skills that work for the situation), Efficacy (promoting this in my clients when it comes to maintenance or training), and Evolution (helping people to their next level of potential).

Who has influenced you most in your career as a Sports Therapist?

I love the work of Dr Kelly Starrett from Mobility WOD both for his online content and his books such as “Becoming a Supple Leopard”. His quality of information and the delivery of it is great.

What’s the piece of advice you give to your patients/clients most often?

The right effort or work delivered consistently, persistently, and passionately will get you where you want to go.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not at work?

I love training for and competing in Spartan Races and trail running events. I also love to travel, surf, and eat a lot of food. To relax I love to read, cook, watch movies, and play on my PS4.