Here at Amber Health testimonials from our customers are very welcome and make us feel so proud of the work we do in helping others feel more comfortable and pain free.


I have just completed a course of treatment with Joy ……. and wanted to say how well it went. She was able to diagnose my particular back problem straight away and her treatment and routine of stretches have helped tremendously. Thank you. LUCY BATES – ASHWELL

Somebody recommended Joy to me as I was out of alignment and experiencing extreme nerve pain. I had previously been misdiagnosed and then finally told to see an osteopath or physiotherapist. Joy has given me immediate relief from the pain and I have gained back complete mobility. I could not recommend Joy highly enough for anyone with muscular pain or similar conditions. H. WEST – ASHWELL

I found Amber Health through looking in Yellow Pages as I had lower back pain. The treatment with Joy has been perfect. I can move better and I am now back in the garden digging and putting the veg in! I would recommend Amber Health. MR BARKER – STOTFOLD, BEDS

A friend recommended Amber Health to me when I mentioned I was suffering from lower back pain and numbness in my leg. For quite a few years I had chiropractic treatment and had also had pain treatment at the hospital. Joy has relieved most of the back pain and reduced all the numbness in my leg. She has done wonders! I have recommended her to several people. The best part of the treatment is the feeling of relief from my aches and pains. MR. UNDERWOOD – LETCHWORTH

I came to Amber Health as I wanted to use a more local Osteopath.  I had seen my GP for my issue previously.  After treatment with Joy I now have greater flexibility and less discomfort.  I would recommend Joy – her personality makes the whole experience great! – ANON

I had back, shoulder and knee pain. A friend had seen an Osteopathy for similar problems. Everyone at Amber is very helpful. I have gone from mostly just sitting in a chair to being up and about and much more active after treatment with Joy. I would recommend Amber – FW SANDON

A friend recommended Joy for Cranial Osteopathy, as we had issues with our baby’s head; he was not sleeping and appeared uncomfortable. I felt I was listened to by Joy and she was able to engage and work well with my baby. Logan was very uncomfortable in his head but Joy’s treatment has resolved the issue. Logan is now sleeping, talking, walking and eating better. The clinic is lovely and I am really pleased I brought Logan along. It has been an excellent experience – LORRAINE DUNTON

My family has been receiving treatment for a while now, it started with me seeing Tim for my neck. Later my husband seeing Joy for his back, and most recently my baby son for cranial Osteopathy with Joy. Always great service and effective treatment. Also, the ladies on reception on numerous occasions allowed me to use a private room to breastfeed and even brought me a drink in. Highly Recommended – Alexandra Coxall via Facebook


I had extreme pain in my heel. I had visited my GP and after Cortisone injection there was no positive effect. I visited Amber Health and Lisa gave me sound advice and treatment and I am now back participating in my sporting activities. I would recommend Amber Health and Lisa 100% for their friendly atmosphere and informative staff. – ANON


Amber Health was recommended to me by a good friend as I was in a lot of pain.  I found the clinic clean, well run and everyone was very helpful.  I have had very good  results from treatment with Tom.  I have recommended Amber to my son, other family members and my friends – L. MILLER, ROYSTON

I saw Tom for neck and back issues. I had previously seen a physiotherapist. I was very impressed with the clinic from the receptionists to the therapist who are all very friendly and professional. I would certainly recommend them – LP STEVENAGE


Amber Health was recommended to me. I have seen Tim for osteopathy and Michelle for podiatry. I had a road traffic accident 10 years ago. I have had greater benefits from just a few sessions here than I did having 6 months of physio two years ago.

After muddling along since 2004 with continuous discomfort from the injuries sustained in the road traffic accident, my body finally gave up on me! Referral from the GP took months and the results mediocre. Tim and his team got to the root of my problem within the first session and I’ve never felt better!

Would I recommend Amber Health? – absolutely! CATHERINE NORMAN – LITLINGTON

Amber Health was recommended to me by one of Tim’s patients. I had tendonitis of the shoulders and hadn’t had any treatment before. I have had excellent results from my first session I have recommended Tim and Amber Health to several colleagues. The staff are always friendly, helpful and they offer a prompt booking service. ANDREW HAMPTON – COPLE, BEDS

I was suffering from sciatica and saw Amber Health on the High Street in Baldock. I just walked in. I got booked in to see Tim Moynihan. I have had physiotherapy for this before without much success. The treatment with Tim has improved my condition a lot. Would I recommend Tim? Oh yes!  JOYCE – BALDOCK

I came to Amber Health after getting mixed messages from the NHS about my hip pain that was not going away.  My husband had seen Tim 4 or 5 years ago when he had a back problem so I made an appointment.  The clinic was excellent – professional and friendly.  My pain has eased greatly and I can now walk without any aids.  I would definitely recommend Tim as I have had a very positive outcome from my treatment with him.  WK – BALDOCK

My sister recommended Osteopathy to me. I saw Tim and am now feeling much much better. Osteopathy is so helpful and does much more than I realised it could do.

A friend recommended Amber to me. The clinic is professional, efficient and the staff are knowledgeable. Tim has got me to the point of being pain free in just a few months. I would absolutely recommend him and say a big THANK YOU to him. – ANON


I came to Amber Health to try out the newly opened clinic 4 years ago. I just wanted my feet to be given a general check over. I have taken an interest and reaped the benefits of looking after my feet. The clinic is professional and reliable and the text reminders of appointments are very useful. JV – BALDOCK

I saw Michelle for my sore in-growing toe nail. It  feels better and I would recommend her to anyone with a similar foot complaint. The staff at Amber are friendly and helpful. J CHELLEN


I had been training for my first London Marathon and was troubled with knee pain; I contacted Amber Health for a sports massage as I’d heard it helped with such problems. They were incredible! I walked in off the street and they sorted an appointment for me for that evening with Lisa.

Lisa was professional, easy to talk to and very knowledgeable! She focused in on those areas I knew were giving me trouble but also worked on other areas that had been affected by my running. I was expecting it to be painful but it was very enjoyable! During and at the end of the session Lisa took the time & trouble to explain why particular areas were giving me problems and she also advised me about stretches to do to help alleviate tightness in specific areas. She also chatted to me about nutrition and other running queries I had at the time. I loved my visit to the clinic! ANON


I had very professional and personal welcome at Amber after being recommended by a friend. I have had a lot of trouble with my calf muscles and she sorted them out a treat. She was very powerful managing to get into the deep muscle tissue. I was back to playing squash more quickly than I thought I would be. I have recommended her to a number of people. ANON – HERTS


Andrew thank you for the treatment you have given me, I have seen an astonishing improvement. Originally attending your clinic for a stiff shoulder (lack of mobility and pain) I did not wish to continue taking Ibruprofen. I had been unable to use my arm and it had restricted me greatly in my everyday life and caused sleeping difficulties. Your techniques over the weekly sessions reduced pain and helped me regain complete mobility. NINA

For 6 months I had been experiencing back, shoulder and neck pain that stopped me from moving and resting. This happened mainly due to bad habits and posture at work. I have now been diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis in the spine.

My GP was only able to help me with painkillers – he didn’t have the time or inclination to explore other options. I came across acupuncture after my physiotherapist suggested it to me. From the first day I felt a difference, a reduction in the pain and an increase in mobility. Andrew has now given me around 6 sessions and by the third the pain was nearly gone and I have almost got back 100% mobility. I feel I am back to my old self.

I felt trust in Andrew from the first session and this is due to a real sense of care for his patients. I still don’t know how acupuncture works, just that it works. JOSE

I came to Amber Health for Acupuncture for the pain in my left arm and shoulder as  x-rays and ultrasound had confirmed that there was inflammation.  Andrew has greatly improved the mobility in my shoulder in just 2 treatments.  I would recommend Acupuncture as opposed to Cortisone injections.  Acupuncture has worked for me in the past but Andrew combined it with massage too and the treatment has been more effective quicker than I expected.  KAREN, BALDOCK

Just a short note to thank you for the Acupuncture treatment you administered to my legs.  Never having had this treatment before, I did not know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprise by the results.  I have no doubt that my legs are improved as a result of your treatment.  In addition your dietary advice on additives such as lemon juice and Vitamins were also helpful

I must say that your helpful nature and honesty were most refreshing and gave me confidence that you would do your very best to solve my leg problems.  Like you, I am not a great believer in drugs which can give more problems than they solve, so it was good to have this sort of drug free treatment.  Once again many thanks for your efforts.  G CASTLE, HITCHIN


I came to Allison seeking counselling for depression and other health concerns. She was very caring and made me feel comfortable sharing my personal story. Her support really made a difference. Following the sessions I was able to get my life back on track. I’m extremely grateful for her help. ANON

I came to see Allison for depression, confusion and relationship issues. I have found the sessions very beneficial as Allison has given me her total understanding and has helped me make positive moves forward. I definitely would recommend her. ANON


It’s only coming to Amber Health that keeps me going!

Having Osteopathy is so much better than Diazepam

I hurt my back just before Christmas and hoped to get it sorted quickly. My son recommended Amber Health as he had treatment there. I had 2 ruptured and 1 slipped discs. The condition lingered on for 10 months due to NHS inefficiencies. I thought my back pain was a re-occurrence and I didn’t want the condition to deteriorate as before. The Osteopaths at Amber were kind, understanding and enthusiastic to get my back “pain free”HM BALDOCK


I liked what Mr. Jim did because he did not use any real needles and I could feel things happening. It was very quiet inside the room. When he was doing his acupuncture his hand was hovering over the place where my pain was. And then after some time my pain was much better.  DARYL (AGED 7) – HERTS

“I met Nick through work and have sought his advice regularly over the past ten years for various ailments, ranging from joint trauma to insomnia.

Treatments I’ve received from Nick have included acupuncture and herbal tonics. I have found Nick to be extremely knowledgeable and thorough in his approach. His care and attention to detail is exceptional and I can wholeheartedly recommend Nick to anyone who is looking for effective advice and treatment.  WAI TANG – HERTS

Nick was recommended to me by a friend and I got in contact via email. I had a persistent cough that wouldn’t go away after 3 months and 2 GP visits who told me to give it more time. First he explained his reasoning of why I wasn’t getting better and gave me advice about how I should protect myself with extra layers and that porridge is a good preventative in seasonal changes. Then he explained what herbs I could use and how to make my own formula but also offered his own pre-made batch. I took Nick’s formula and within a week was feeling better already.All this from someone I hadn’t even met, which is why I was so grateful for his advice. Nick genuinely cares for his patients which is obvious in the way that he responds, always with a lot of information!  CRYSTAL TSE – HERTS

I had known Nick for some time when he first became qualified in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  I had also mentioned my own illness in passing, but when he became qualified he asked me about it in more depth and said he could probably help me if I wanted.

This was to be a defining moment in my life, as over the next few years I would grow in strength of body and mind.  I had been diagnosed as having a psychotic illness in 2001 and been on medication since then.  With the herbal medicine that Nick prescribed, I gradually became more calm and grounded, and most profoundly of all, I went from being hardly able to bring myself to get up in the morning and do anything other than sit in front of the computer, to being able to hold down a job as a gardener and still have energy to spend at the end of the day.

His lifestyle advice was also very helpful in a practical way and helped me find balance in my life. E METCALFE – HERTS

“I have high blood pressure and suffer from migraine attacks, and prescriptive medicine was slow to take effect and I was at a really low point. Nick suggested I had try some Traditional Chinese procedures, I felt I had nothing to lose and was very grateful.  Nick performed needle-free acupuncture on my head to release all the bad/excess energy that was in my head making it feel like a tight rubber band.  I was very sceptical about non-drug practices and their efficacy, but within a couple of hours, the pressure in my head had lifted.  He followed this up with herbal oils to put in a bath which was very relaxing.  I also have a skin condition which means my hands and feet are dry and scaly.  Nick made me up a cream which helped to moisturise and keep the flare ups in check.  I highly recommend Nick and if you haven’t tried Chinese medicine, give it a go. GILL MERRITT – HERTS


I went to see Huw with severe neck pain and pins and needles all down my arm. The pain was keeping me up at night and was affecting me at work. After one treatment I felt a lot of relief, and my pain became less and less with every treatment! Now I can get a whole night’s sleep and I am back working with no problems!  CLWYD WILLIAMS

I have been suffering with low back pain for years. I went to see Huw and after a few treatments I felt like I could move much easier and had much less pain on a day to day basis!  SUE DAVIES

Went in to see Huw with chronic headaches from stress and sitting at my desk all day and even after my first appointment there was an improvement. I would highly recommend him! KYLE FRASER