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I am Clemmie Forrester.

My interest in sports as a hobby has become a way of life for me. As a keen triathlete, I understand the disappointment of a training plan being interrupted when a niggling tightness or strain or even worse a serious injury stops you from achieving your fitness goals.

Regular massage treatment comes hand in hand with any training programme, in order to address any tension, restrictions and muscular imbalances before injury is established, so whether you are an amateur sports person, an elite athlete or you are embarking on your first charity fundraising run – Sports and Remedial Massage offers benefits for everyone.

It can also be beneficial if you are suffering from occupational or posture related pain to maintain health and wellbeing.  The long term affects of massage, normalise the tissues so that you remain injury-free and able to achieve your goals..

I enjoy working with my patients to build strong relations in order to help them achieve these goals. Tailoring treatment plans to meet individual needs is fundamental.

Assessment is really important to make sure you do not return to physical activity before you are completely ready. I can help you get back on track with accurate postural assessment, good deep massage and a personal rehabilitation plan.

So whether you have an ankle injury, strained calf muscle, knee problem, hip or thigh issues, ham string problems, wrist or arm pain, shoulder stiffness, neck pain or back pain you can be sure I can assess, advise and help you start to recover so you can get back to the sport you love.

Regular manual massage can help prevent injuries recurring and strapping affected areas can be useful to aid recovery too.

I am constantly developing my skill set and recently undertook a course on Lower Back Pain. This course focussed on the anatomy of the pelvis and its muscle attachments, offering a greater understanding their relationships and how releasing the muscles that articulate with the pelvis will reduce stress to other areas.

This is an important and often overlooked area of the body, the more we understand it, the more we’re able to work more efficiently with problems that include the back, hips, stomach, knees, legs, and even shoulders.

Along with massage I can also help you with:

  • Postural Evaluation & Assessment
  • Functional Assessment
  • Joint Assessment
  • Biomechanics
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Soft Tissue and Myofascial Release
  • Neuromuscular Techniques
  • Rehabilitation and Treatment Programme
  • Nutrition/Hydration Advise
  • Homecare 
Referrals Service
  • Support Strategies
  • Facilitated Stretching
  • Pre/Post Event


I look forward to helping you soon.


BTEC level 5 in Advanced Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy

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